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Enquiries about Baptisms, Marriage and Funerals should be made to Canon David. Prayer requests may be written in the book next to the Lady Chapel and these prayers will be included in Church prayers.

St Leonards' is not High Church but the services are what one might consider 'traditional'. 

The Sunday Eucharist will start with an opening hymn followed by a greeting, prayers of preparation and penitence and thence to the Collect. Usually there will two testament readings, old and new and a psalm before the Gradual hymn brings us to the Gospel and Sermon.

The Creed leads us to the prayers of intercession, then the offertory hymn and  Eucharistic prayer and thence to Holy Communion. The prayers after communion are followed by the dismissal and recessional Hymn.

Normally there will be four hymns during the service accompanied by the Organ or sometimes a piano.

Ecumenical Services:

Three or four times per year we join with our friends from the Roman Catholic community Worth for a joint service. These will be presided over by either a Priest from Worth Abbey or our own Priest - Canon David. It is still unfortunate that we can't share communion with our Catholic friends instead Anglicans and Catholics take communion side-by-side from respective Priests.