The Friends of St Leonard's

The Friends of St Leonard's was founded over 20 years ago in order to raise funds for the fabric of the church.  It is a much-loved and high-profile village institution, with its many events throughout the year enabling St Leonard's to remain at the metaphorical heart of village activities, even if the church itself is right on the village outskirts!

The funds raised enable St Leonard's to maintain its church building, its church hall and its church grounds - and ensure that an early twentieth century building is fit to comply with twenty-first century regulations.

But the Friends is more than a fund-raising organisation, and the friends themselves are a varied bunch - some church-goers, many not.  Any Friends activity is guaranteed to be a happy, social event - and an important if subtle part of our outreach.

No one person runs all the events, but Anwyn Daniels runs The Friends.  Any enquires about The Friends, or any suggestions for new events, should therefore be directed to Anwyn.